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10:00 Fri Apr 13 2012

A Sydney radio station secretary has endured threats from jealous One Direction fans after she was asked out on a date by one of the boy band members yesterday.

An overwhelmed Anna Crotti, who works at the front desk of Nova was forced to cancel her date with popstar Zayn Malik after receiving abusive messages on Facebook by fanatical One Direction fans.

The 20-year-old receptionist appeared to catch the eye of all of the band members when they arrived for an interview with breakfast hosts Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald and Michael "Wippa" Wipfli.

Lead singer Harry Styles commented on air that Ms Crotti had "beautiful eyes" while Malik and Niall Horan agreed.

The light-hearted banter about Ms Crotti continued throughout the interview before a member of the band's entourage got her phone number for Malik.

The pair texted throughout the day before Malik asked Ms Crotti out for drinks, she said.

But Ms Crotti, who has a boyfriend of two years, said she became worried when she started getting abusive messages on Facebook from One Direction fans.

"Why would they choose you?" one of the messages read.

"By the end of the day it got so intense. I was getting random girls adding me on Facebook. I started getting girls calling the station and girls giving me a little bit of s---," she said.

"I messaged (Zayn) and said, 'Maybe it's not a good idea we meet up'," Ms Crotti told

"It was just a bit too full-on. I know it's just typical teenage girl stuff, but I don't understand it."

Radio host Fitzy told the website he was "shocked" by the pandemonium.

"I didn't think anything could top that Bieber kid but these guy have," he said.

"Poor Anna. I don't think she knew how to handle it — it was just crazy. She's had mothers calling her saying their daughters are crying and would kill to be in her shoes."


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