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Billy Connolly back in New Zealand

08:30 Wed Jun 13 2012
Jenna Powell, MSN NZ
Comedian Billy Connolly at the Sydney premiere of <i>Brave</i> (Getty)
Comedian Billy Connolly at the Sydney premiere of Brave (Getty)

Comedy great Billy Connolly is back in New Zealand today after a whirlwind tour promoting his latest movie Brave.

Connolly is back in the country to do more work on The Hobbit as dwarf warrior Dain Ironfoot.

“I have a war to fight. Elves to kill. Orcs to maim,” he says.

Connolly says he’s enjoying his time working on The Hobbit immensely and that Peter Jackson is not hard task master but a perfectionist.

“He knows what he wants and he stays on the case until he gets it. It’s highly technical and we do a lot of takes. It’s not like normal movies where you just have to get your words right and avoid the furniture.”

He says New Zealand is a lovely place but he had not done much sightseeing, apart from a spot of fishing in Rotorua.

The Fido actor is not sure how long he will be in New Zealand this time round.

“I have an invitation to the wrap party on July the 7th so I think they have ideas of me staying that long.”

The 69-year-old actor has spent most of the past two days promoting animated movie Brave.

The film, about a princess who defies her parents, has Scottish themes and accents, which he says felt like home.

“It’s like when I go back home and do my stand up, my mouth and my head can go the same speed. I have to adjust how I talk everywhere else.”

The animation was three years in the making and Connolly is happy to finally see the finished product.

“I like the animations. I like the technique. You do them on your own. You don’t even have to learn your lines, you read them. It’s a piece of cake. You could come to work dressed as a chimney sweep if you wanted.”

He said after bringing up three daughters he is delighted to be in a movie where a girl sticks to her guns and hopes it inspires young girls.

“You don’t even get equal pay. You should be able to take someone to court for that.”


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