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08:00 Mon Jul 2 2012
By MSN NZ staff

Teen pop star Justin Bieber hung up on a radio host mid-interview after a mum joke between the pair fell flat.

Detroit radio host DJ Mojo was interviewing Bieber on his morning show on June 29 when he asked the young singer about his friendship with the members of UK boy band One Direction. "Do you worry about (One Direction member) Harry (Styles) when he's around your mom since it seems that he likes older women?" Mojo quipped. "I think you should be worried about me around your mum, bro," Bieber replied before bursting into laughter.

When the radio host told Bieber that his mother was dead, he was met with an awkward silence. "This is the moment of the interview where it goes south," Mojo said.

The interview came to an end a moment later after Bieber appeared to hang up the phone.

A click could be heard before the line went dead.

The interview had not only ended badly, it had also taken off on the wrong foot after the singer appeared to take offence at being compared to Justin Timberlake.

Mojo told Bieber when he first heard his new single 'Boyfriend' he thought he was listening to Timberlake — a comparison he said he meant as a compliment.

"Man that's crazy cause our voices sound nothing alike," Bieber said.

"Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment."


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