What if all the <i>Home Alone</i> injuries were real?
Have you ever wondered how many lives your favourite action hero would really need to survive a movie?
Apparently mothers hate Old Spice now
14:00 Wed Jan 8 2014
According to their latest series of adverts Old Spice turns boys into men and mothers into psychopaths..
Best <i>Wrecking Ball</i> parody on the net
16:00 Mon Dec 2 2013
This is the most hilarious thing we've seen in ages!
News anchor ruins Christmas for children
16:00 Tue Nov 26 2013
It looks like this news anchor won’t be getting any presents from Santa this year!
Blast forward: Young versions of older actors
15:00 Mon Nov 25 2013
We've witnessed the idea of actors that have played their future selves in films before.
Lady Gaga wears world's first flying dress
15:30 Thu Nov 14 2013
Lady Gaga will just about do whatever it takes to promote her new album and yesterday’s promo stunt was no limit.
'It's turkey time' for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in new <I>Batman</i> spoof
16:00 Mon Nov 11 2013
Holy smokes Batman! Check out this ridiculous new spoof of Ben Affleck as Batman above.
Justin Bieber's Brazil brothel visit gets animated
19:00 Fri Nov 8 2013
Watch: Justin Bieber's Brazil brothel visit gets animated!
Weird: Woman can't stop eating cat hair
02:00 Fri Nov 1 2013
Just when you think think things can't get any weirder, the guys at My Strange Addiction uncover another baffling obsession.
Put that cookie down! Arnold Schwarzenegger films his iconic catchphrases for you!
14:00 Tue Oct 22 2013
So get to the choppa to watch the 66-year-old shouting lines from Kindergarten Cop, Predator and The Terminator in the clip above!
Celebrities read mean tweets
11:00 Fri Oct 11 2013
We all love when celebrities make fun of themselves but Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" skit is just the best!
Big Freedia helps set twerking Guinness World Record
17:00 Mon Sep 30 2013
New York, the only place in the world where you can find 350 people getting together and twerking until they beat the Guinness World Record for most people simultaneously twerking at one time.
WATCH: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon speak in #hashtags!
13:00 Thu Sep 26 2013
Warning! This video is hashtag #hilarious.
Viral vid: Ben Affleck's Batman in <i>Good Will Hunting</i> parody
14:00 Thu Sep 12 2013
This hilarious spoof by stand-up comic Pete Holmes shows us that in a hypothetical Good Will Hunting recut, Ben Affleck is already… the Batman. Watch above!
When celebs think they can pull off grills
14:00 Mon Sep 9 2013
Love it or hate it, grills are quickly becoming one of the hottest mouth trends among female celebrities.
Colouring book for grown-ups!
17:30 Tue Sep 3 2013
Ever thought about how better looking Channing Tatum would be with blue eyes or blonde hair? Well here’s your chance to play God!
Move over Miley, it's a twerking panda!
04:00 Fri Aug 30 2013
Zoo panda entertains the crowd with the most complex dance move of 2013!
If Disney princesses had Instagram…
04:00 Thu Aug 22 2013
BforBel has turned the wonderful world of Disney into the wonderful world of Instagram!
You can't un-see this: Tan Mom takes it off for diabolical music video - that G-string is just too small!
02:00 Mon Aug 19 2013
Make sure there's a hospital nearby, because your eyes and ears are about to bleed!
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