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Harry Styles told to 'Look after Niall... can't handle a drink'

Harry Styles to 'Look after Niall... can't handle a drink'
Can Harry look after Niall when the boys go out on the town?
Harry Styles has been handed the role of carer for band mate Niall Horan when 1D go out drinking, according to a new report.

The UK's Daily Star claims Niall's dad asked the 18-year-old playboy to look after his "lightweight" son, who reportedly got carried away on the booze at the Olympics closing ceremony.

We reckon it sounds pretty risky but a source told the entertainment site 51-year-old Bobby Horan "trusts Harry".

"Bobby's been texting Harry as he is Niall's closest friend in the man," said the source.

"He knows his son can't handle his drink and so he has asked Harry to keep an eye on him."

"Bobby trusts Harry and wants him to make sure his son drinks responsibly in future."

According to the source, Niall can handle two beers before he's "falling around", which makes perfect sense considering the boys are only just legal!

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