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Ice-T's wife Coco wants pet bulldog to get testicle implants

Reality TV doesn't get more "real" than watching celebrities' pet pooches being trialled for fake testicles.

For that, we can thank Coco Austin, the buxom blonde wife of rapper Ice-T, who makes the latest episode of Ice Loves Coco an absolute ball to watch.

In the footage, Coco has a hard time trying to convince her husband that one of their two bulldogs Spartacus (the other one's Maximus) needs to be desexed. By the look on the droopy-jowled mutt's face, he doesn't seem too keen on the idea either.

Coco takes Spartacus to a vet to sample Neuticles: silicon sacks that resemble dog testicles. According to Dr Lewis Berman, they help canines "retain their natural look and self-esteem".

And here we were thinking all dogs thought about was food, sleep, ball and play?

After all that, Coco and Ice decided not to chop off Spart's man parts.

"You're insane but I still love you because you're not criminally insane," Ice told his wife.

"You are insane in a weird, harmless way. But now you are about to castrate my dog, you are crossing the line now here!"

Coco, of course, is very comfortable with bodily enhancements. The 33-year-old glamour model is proud of her breast implants (they're fake?), but went on TV to show us she's definitely not had butt implants ...

In pics: Boobs, bronzer and Botox — Ice and Coco's wedding

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