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Interview: TheFIX + Moorhouse!

Interview: TheFIX + Moorhouse!
Sony Music
Since finishing up on The X Factor NZ, New Zealand's newest boyband have scored a record deal with Sony, have a new single Mama Said out now and are planning to release a new album by Christmas.

TheFIX grabbed some time with the four Christchurch-based singers - Rory, Brock, Marley and Jason - for a hilarious chat that involved singing, Water Boy impressions and two of the guys doing all the talking... here we go!

What's been going on since you stopped filming The X Factor NZ?

Brock: "We’ve just been songwriting really - in Christchurch there’s not much to do but songwrite!”

Rory: “There won’t be covers on this album. People suggested that we do covers because it’s hard to get good original songs out in that amount of time. Obviously Jackie only had seven days to release an album, so for her to have originals it would have been way too hard and she had to do covers. People don’t understand that behind every hit is a lot of work and there is a lot of money and time that goes into it. For example, Sony had to get four songs for the top four [of X Factor] and if we’d won it would have been [our current single] Mamma Said. They scouted for it overseas. It’s real catchy and a feel-good song and we’re going to work hard and bash out some songs.”

So it’s important to you to have original songs?

Rory: "Definitely. I think you gain a lot of respect when you write your own music. People think, 'Oh a boy band, they’re not going to write their own songs’. So we’re going to prove everyone wrong.”

What has been the reaction to your single so far?

Rory: “People love it because I don’t think it sounds like a traditional New Zealand song – it sounds really international. Because Mama said isn’t really a New Zealand saying...”

Brock: “At The Edge [radio station] people were calling in and they loved it.”

How do you deal with the haters?

Rory: "We just laugh. It’s inevitable. Look at Justin Bieber – look how well he’s done and all the haters he’s got. It’s going to happen.

Brock: “I think it’s quite motivating sometimes. People say, 'you can’t make it', so it’s good to prove them wrong. It’s always good knowing you can prove someone wrong.”

Moorhouse/Sony Music

What do you say to people who think you won’t make it?

Jason: “I was actually watching Ben Lummis’ stuff a few nights ago… oh man…”

Rory: “You can’t really listen to that cos it’s stupid I reckon. They don’t know what’s in our heart and our work ethic. On that show we had to work our butts off, four times as hard as other people, to get the moments of magic on X Factor that we did.”

Brock: “We’re definitely ready to work hard and I think that’s how we won’t just have an X Factor single and then drop away – because we’ll work hard.”

Rory: “I think you’ll be successful as well if you have good songs as well so we have to write good songs and have a good sound.”

Who would you love to open for?

Collective answer: “One Direction, cos they’re coming to Christchurch, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, JT…”

Rory: “If I got to meet Beyoncé, I would fan girl. I would faint. But Reese Mastin went on judge’s retreat and met Beyonce and we met Reese Mastin so we’ve pretty much kissed Beyoncé..”

Will you stay in Christchurch?

Brock: “We’d like to live in Auckland. There’s nothing in Christchurch. Vince Harder came down to Christchurch and it was only 24 hours that we got to write with him. We got a song down and it’s pretty good but if we lived in Auckland it would be more possible to write more hits like that and have more experiences like that.”

Jason: “And we all live in separate areas [of Christchurch] so we don’t usually see each other that often and we don’t all have instruments at our houses.”

What’s the one piece of advice your mum gave you?

Rory: “Be careful with your heart – don’t give it away too easy.”
Brock: “Have fun while you’re doing it.”
Jason: “Keep working hard and go to sleep early.”
Marley: “YOLO! Go for your dreams, don’t hold back.”

Mama Said is available for download now from iTunes

Check it out below...

Video source: YouTube/BROStubbz

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