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Selena's party trick: catching gum in her mouth

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Not only is she being hailed "the new Miley Cyrus", but teen sensation Selena Gomez has shown the world she isn't just a pretty face: she can spit gum up in the air and catch it with her mouth. Now that's raw talent.

The stunt, which she repeated in case the first time wasn't disgusting enough, was aired on MTV's, TRL. This just begs for another one of Miley's YouTube parodies. Don't disappoint us Ms. Cyrus — get that webcam rolling!

Then again, Selena may no longer be on Miley's hitlist after she dismissed reports she is dating a certain somebody's ex, Nick Jonas. She laughed off the rumours, saying of the Jonas Brother cuties:

"They are the biggest dorks I have ever met... they play Xbox and make jokes that are not good."

And in response to comparisons between her and Miley, Selena insisted that she is her own performer and person.

"I think I'm not interested in being anybody else. I'm not here to replace anybody."

She's certainly being herself — we never saw Miley spit gum when she appeared on Oprah, that's for sure!

Selena is a pro gum spitter. Impressive! (Images: Snapper Media)

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User comments
Go Selena! ahahaha... She's the most awesomest star ever.

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