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Hugh Hefner's bunnies wear nothing to event

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We thought Hugh Hefner's Girls Next Door had been looking a little over-dressed lately. Sure, they were always cleavage-tastic — but so is every celeb these days. Nothing truly spells 'Playboy Playmate' like actual lingerie on the red carpet!

Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, aka Hef's three official girlfriends, wore next to nothing on the red carpet to launch National Lampoon's Great American Run in LA on Saturday.

The event was promoted as featuring "half-naked playmates" — and guests got even more than they expected, with several Playboy bunnies strutting about clad only in body paint.

Doesn't a one-piece playsuit and bunny ears cut it these days?

More barely-dressed celebs in our gallery below:

Hugh Hefner
Hef's girls: Bridget, Holly and Kendra work the red carpet

Hugh Hefner
Rude: Assorted Playmates let it all hang out

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User comments
Hey peoples! =D I was reading these comments, and they're seriously sad. I mean what the f***, you don't even know these women, so can everyone stop judging them?? Nudity is a natural thing, if it wasn't then God would've made us with clothes pernamently stuck to us. Seriously, get over yourselves =) You guys think that they are 'tramps'and that they give women a bad name' well guess what? It's only offensive if you think that nudity is offensive which, as I stated before, is totally untrue. They have good bodies, amazing confidence and are clearly perfectly happy with themselves and respect themselves. So leave them alone thanks! And btw, beautiful body painting!! xoxox Kayla =)!
they look awesome ..the world is about choice and believe me Im no *** or even close to it i have two babies and a Great body that im proud of even tho iv been called plump lol yet id LOVE to get body painted and would have abosolutely no shame for my children to see it once they grow is all in the mind of the corupt and all in the mind of peace and beauty..each to their own to choose..I still think its awesome to have such hi self esteem and even if the have had abuse of something im sure Hugh pays for ther treatment and looks after them..hey who hasnt had sometihng in their life that dosent need someone to talk too..Peace and Beauty..To the haters...Bet ya if it was david or dan in paint ud say it was hott? and im a Lovely Intelligent Lady who sure nows talent and Beauty over ***..Peace to all
i think they look great ive seen alot of photos of body painting and i would do it if i had the body and the balls lolz. yes probly a little werid at an event lol but still amazing.
these girls do whatever they want ! do they care what you say ? obviously not ! they are happy who they are. Why look it at if your just going to be stupid about it. this is ART they look beautiful . they have the guts to actually go out and do this. DO YOU ? oohh its a disgrace to women? what go have a cry ! your making it more of a big deal then it really is. Their in PLAYBOY what do you expect ? think about it. DUHH gosh
He must be sooooo lonely living a life like he does..Surrounded by women who think nothing but where the next dollar is going to come from, to plaster over there bodies, whether it be paint or clothes..who cares, when you only have to look on the surface, nothing matter whats going on underneath...
Women that do this are obviously insecure, rejected and must of been sexually abused in their up bringing, you can see all the symptoms of abuse written on their faces. I feel sorry for them "poor gals".
There girls are beautiful. i find this insanely erotic. Especially love the girl done in flowers. If you don't like it, don't look at it. Life all about choices.
Fricken *** give women a bad name. Glorified *** at its most heinous - how can a man love this effigy of immodesty and gratuity. Id sleep with it but I wouldnt take it seriously.
Amazing artists, and wouldént it be fab to have a bod like that to get painted on. Go Gals
people that find this an outrage clearly are unhappy with their bodies! these woman already have gorgeous bodies and the awsome body-paint looks just like a skin-tight outfit that most celebrities are guilty of wearing at some stage. These woman look hot, no wonder htey dont mind showing it off.

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