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Pamela Anderson gets naked for Hugh Hefner's birthday

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Pamela Anderson presented Playboy bigshot Hugh Hefner with a birthday cake — while totally in the nude.

The former Playmate and Baywatch star got back to her trashy best for Hef's 82nd birthday party in Las Vegas.

Pam, who is 41, has posed for Playboy mag 13 times, and thought nothing of making her grand entrance to the party in nothing but high heels.

Hef's three girlfriends Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson squealed with delight at the sight of their famous doppleganger, who went on to do a lap dance for the withered birthday boy.

The racy affair aired on Hef's Girls Next Door reality series in the US over the weekend, six months after Hef's birthday party took place.

Naughty: Pam serves up Hef's birthday cake in the buff

Seemingly surprised by Pamela's appearance, a thrilled Hef remarked: "You're looking good."

Pamela, who is a good mate of Hef's, makes frequent visits to the Playboy Mansion with her sons Dylan, 10, and Brandon, 12.

"My sons have been to the Mansion plenty of times," she said. "and when I take them there I get completely ignored and the girls just fawn over my boys."

"They call him Uncle Hef, but they realised he wasn’t their real uncle because I appeared naked in his magazine. They know their mum's a bit wild."

"Hef’s always sending me letters and leaving me messages, and he’s a lovely man, although he seems a little lonely to me. It’s a lonely business, though. You don’t meet an awful lot of genuine people out in Hollywood."

Check out Pamela and a bunch of other big-name celebs in Playboy in our saucy gallery below:

Starkers: Pam's in top shape — and hardly shy

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User comments
She's Wild She's Pretty She's Got The Body She's Whooo Whoooo, You Go Pam.Me and my Honey always enjoy your movies anything Pam's name appeared we are watching. That's awsome you keep intouch with the Almighty Hef.All you jealous people out there if you have nothing nice to say about Pam then Shut up.
What exactly makes her a tramp? The fact that you know who she is with or that you have seen her naked. Just because you haven't been naked in public doesn't mean you're clean or not a trmp yourself. We may not know who you have children with or who you are married to but that doesn't mean your not a triffling, cheating, desperate housewife. Go PaM go!!!!!!!!!!sO SICK OF LABELS BECAUSE OF JEALOUS TRASH.
if you got it flaunt it.
good on you if you got it show it and be proud of it when you are in your 40s.
Thank goodness for women like Pam! God created the male species to be attracted to the female species... And vice versa. This is a natural thing.
I'm 41 and if I had a body like that I'd flaunt it too! But would only do that for my husband, and all I can say is "Kia Kaha"
we get so much empowering ourselves over pams ***, Brittany's downfall and a wasted stone falling out of a coconut tree. we lift these people up on our shoulders for all to adore then at the first sight of failer we screw them for every pat we can put on our own backs. we are so disgusting we should consume our selves into extinction.
oh pam you have done it yet again,made yerself look to cheap such a shame..did ya get wot you expected..i feel so sorry for you..wanting attention the only way you know how,and that is to expose yourself.
God she always takes it too far!!
wrinkles wrinkles and more wrinkles or is it my laptop, mind u at the age of 41 u can stretch skin ova plastic more easily.....

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