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Celine Dion's kid refuses to get a haircut

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After years of people screaming "get some scissors!" to Celine Dion, she has spoken out about why her seven-year-old son Rene-Charles sports unusually long hair for a little boy.

And no, it's not cos long hair on boys is all the rage now with celeb mums — it's more that Celine doesn't let society's norm dictate her child's life.

"We decide as a family what's good for us," she told Oprah.

Long hair on boys is OK!

She revealed to the chat-show queen that her son has never had a haircut, ever — because he doesn't want one.

"I've asked him, and he says, 'I like my hair like that,'" she said.

A little boy who is proud of his individuality and doesn't want short hair just 'cos all the other boys at school do? Sounds like a job well done, Celine.

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User comments
i thought hudsons boy was a girl coz of the pic in this
That's right, who really cares what others think. But I did actually think it was a girl at first till i read the small description saying it was a boy. But none the less, good on him for not changing cause others say too.
I Thought this little boy was actually a girl at first i think that it's great that she is letting him have his hair how he wants but i must say, it does look TERRIBLE !
yea hard out who gives a f*** how they like their hair??
who gives a fat rats *** what these people do....

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