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Emma Watson's panty-flash/nipple-slip nightmare

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Where's a full body Hogwarts gown when you need one?

Emma Watson obviously wasn't standing in a drafty room when she tried on this nice flowing dress for the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince… the poor love didn't bank on a pesky gust of wind revealing her chamber of secrets to the world.

The British star had to deal with a pretty major wardrobe malfunction last night as driving wind and rain played havoc with her skimpy outfit on the red carpet.

Never trust a British summer

Emma's sensible beige knickers came out to say hello on a number of occasions. But hey, she's doing better than Paris and Britney — at least she was wearing knickers!

We understand that mere muggles can't do much about the weather… but what's with the near nipple slip in the car? It wasn't windy in there!

More wardrobe malfunctions in our gallery…

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User comments
i LOVE her dress!!! despite the slight wardrobe malfunction its just plain gorgeous! who doesnt have a bad weather day anyway?
So what it happened. Get over it and go find Paris or Lindsey to pick on! She's a clean girl, leave her be! Jesus she hasn't done anything wrong! You should all be ashamed to have posted this. Its just gossip everyone doesn't need! PS GET THE **** OVER IT!
she is so beautiful. But not like that!
Hi my neme is Amir&ilove you emma
The supposed "nipple slip" - where you can't actually see any nipple (although it's very close!) - was INSIDE A CAR, not out on the red carpet, and some photographer obviously had nothing better to do.
Just thought I would add my 20c because I think that the person taking these pics had nothing better to do than expose this poor girl. Man talk about a bunch of peeping amo's just leave her alone she don't need lonely w*nk*s stalking her. It was just one of those days when the weather totally goes against you!
Accident or carefully planned publicity stunt?
I saw her interview on david letterman the other night and he pulled out that picture (top left) and she responded - "at least i'm wearing knickers". The dress is gorgeous and she does have great legs. Great actress too
She is beautiful and sexy.
I hate the paparazzi! they stalk celebrities like they don't have a life! Whats a tiny show of her knick-knacks or her Nipple for goodness sake! Though she has got great legs and the dress is to die for.

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