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Taylor Lautner goes shirtless for GQ

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Watch out R-PattzTaylor Lautner is giving you a serious run for your money in the Twilight babe stakes!

The spunky 17-year-old flaunted his impressive abdominals for the latest issue of GQ magazine — and discussed the rigorous training he had to do to get them.

Taylor put on thirty pounds for his role as Jacob in Twilight sequel New Moon, going hard at the gym and eating every two hours.

"I tried to stay focused on the things I could control," he told the magazine.

"When a man transforms into a wolf," he said, "all of his clothes get shredded. When he comes back to human form, he's wearing ripped jeans, and that's about it. It's the way it was written. The great thing about this series is we stay true to the books."

Yep, very glad you're doing it all for the sake of the book, Taylor...

Have you heard the lead track for New Moon? The music film clip has some New Moon footage — Check it out here.

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User comments
gurls *** dat hez mine... luvv u taylor...mwahh mwahh xOxO shordie
Man is is sooo hot, definatly much hotter than R.Patts! But I believe in the book when they transform from wolf to human they are naked. Sad thing they couldn't put that in the movie haha!
oooooohemgee!! hes bringn sxc bak gt yourr stepp ohn grllssz hes MINE
All I can say is I'm extremly glad they got rid of the hair!!! You couldn't see him properly before with all of it just hanging round his face, and yes he IS HOTTER THAN R.PATS!!! Sorry girls, you know it's true.... He is such a FINE young manwolf now!! Grrrrrrrrrr
defintely a "kibalicious" actor.
Im completely beatheless omg he is soooooo yummeh. Im so drooling right now daaaamn
I'd tap that.
hes definatly so goodlooking..theres just something totally *** about his nose =( haha. but hey whats a nose with a body like that!
Damn i wish all 17years old guys looked lyk dat would make going to highschool alot better!!!! =D =D
omfg i'm speechless.also breathless.he makes my heart miss a beat.he's such a babe.this little wolf cub wants sum of that.i'll be his prey anytime.hehe.*blushes*

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