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Rachel McKenna returns to Shortland Street

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By Charlotte Cowan
CLEO Features Editor

I have always been a bit of a fan of Shortland Street — sure, sometimes the storylines are so far fetched you wonder how so much can really happen in the small suburb of Ferndale — but it’s local drama so we really should support it and admit it, it ain’t half bad.

I hear that our friend Angela Bloomfield, aka Rachel McKenna, is returning to the show next week … for the second time. This, I’m concerned about.

Angela is already a director on the Street so it’s not surprising that she’s got the itch to return to the front of the camera but how good can rehashing a character again really be? We all saw the disaster that was the return of Justine Jones. After such a long time in witness protection over in Oz, I really was expecting some kind of spectacular storyline — maybe a return of the Scott Spear gang, a fire, a shooting … instead we got her throwing a hissy (and fair enough too) about her husbands affair with scheming Brooke and went back to Oz. Wah wah — that one was a fail.

Last year we all eagerly awaited the return of Dr Hone Ropata (let’s face it, we just wanted to hear the famous line again — ‘You’re not in Guatemala now Dr Ropata) who featured in a few episodes to celebrate their 4000th screening. He hooked up with Tania, battled some inner demons and left.

The one return character who did have a killer story-line was Chris’ brother Guy Warner (played by Craig Parker). He returned from America an author and a drug addict with a daughter, Tuesday (born years and years ago on the show) who strangely had a Kiwi accent even though she never lived in NZ. I digress.

Guy managed to take off with Chris’ wife, Toni, crash his car while he was high and ended up in a coma. Now THAT was a drama-filled time on the Street.

There are then the characters who never seem to leave the street – namely Chris Warner (who has had about a thousand wives), he’s like our Alf Stewart from Home And Away but I guess every show has to have one!

Back to Rach — she’s apparently coming back in a bid to solve the drama between Callum and Kieran over the café. I really hope there’s more to it than that. Time will tell.

But there is one character I definitely want to see return and that’s Lionel Skeggings. Come on, he disappeared in 1999 and was never heard from again. Surely he should pop back on the scene? Think I might start a Facebook group on that one …

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User comments
whatever happened to Nick and Waverly? Ive been following Shorty's since it 1st started, and never missed a day, im 19 now, hows that for dedication. Great show, lol Rachal will get Chris again i bet!
Comon critic, Beautiful New Zealand is not that big that a past member of hospital staff wouldn't some years later turn back up. Realistically speaking I have had many opporations in the same hospital and had same staff look after me. Doesn't mean that in the intrim they haven't slipped off somewhere. Then lets get real on the scope of actor's and actresses, verses those who are camra friendly to draw the young ones and then the old ones die off or what, never put foot in a hospital in Auckland again ?
yea that will be good if that would be good
now deaz a come back i'd like to see...bringing sum1 back from the dead..maybe in time for Halloween .. Shortland style

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