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Transformation complete: Cher's daughter Chastity is now Chaz

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Before and after: A girly Chastity in 1990 - and Chaz steps out in California last night
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Chastity Bono has lost the 'tity' — literally. The only child of pop superstar Cher and Sonny Bono, who is now known as Chaz, stepped out on the weekend looking stoked — as he is in the final stages of switching gender from female to male.

The 41-year-old underwent successful sex-change surgery over the last few years, and will shortly face a court to ask for his gender to be legally changed to male.

Chaz has said the surgery was the "best decision I've ever made," with mum Cher commenting a while back that "although I may not understand, I will strive to be understanding."

Congrats, Chaz!

Chaz Bono with girlfriend Jennifer Elia at the 21st Annual GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards in California.

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User comments
Wow you guys are intolerant and ignorant. What business is it of yours to police and reject others decisions to do with their life? It doesn't matter if you approve or disapprove of the decision, it's done and he is happier for it, that's what's important. And it is HIS preference to be called male. If someone came up to you and asked to be called Lily instead of their real name, would you get into a big huff and tissy about how its not their real name and therefore a lie, would you? How stupid would you look? I think Chaz was a beautiful girl, but now that he is a man and happier for it, I support him whole heartily. I also admire his strength to make his dream real in spite of all the (obvious) adversity, even his mother has a hard time understanding, that must be rough. Good luck!
ummm i guess ................ ummmmm ............. i have no word for this
Such an amazing thing. I'm proud that she was able to do what she really felt she had to do despite what all the judgmental sheep in the world have to think and say! I love Cher and I love her son!
Why do the libtards in the media repeat these stupid lies? NO, she is still a female, a mutilated female, but still a female. Her genetic code is still female She still has a uterus, Fallopian tubes, cervix, female bone structure including a female pelvis...etc. etc... Chastity is still a female, so the term "successful sex-change" is a BIG FAT LIE, just like Chaz is. This is beyond sick, and it's pathetically sad to see all these jerks encouraging it.
That is sick and repulsive!!
OMG OMG are lord and savior must be going crazy because someone wants to be god on EARTH! WOW their is no need for this *** i mean you are born as a women and god loves you as that, why change what he has done?
Evidently she had more thoughts and feelings as well as being prone to her masculine side. Who are we to judge? Chaz I wish you the very best and may your life be blessed. As for dancing with the stars..show em all and kick ***. Be proud and be you. God Bless.
Okay, if he is no longer a she, then does his LESBIAN girlfriend still find him attractive? I doubt it, not to mention the PENIS, but he is fat. gross. I thought the point of being a *** was to not have a penis in the relationship. Now what? hetero women who are INCREDIBLY open-minded? (IE= will do anything)
Shnook. Actually the insides will never match the outsides. Chaz is now a man with female internal organsand a female skeletal structure......I wonder how they managed the revamp of the genetalia - that has to be the most difficult part - the rest is just plastic surgery, hormone therapy, weight gain and a haircut. I bet the feet and hands still reflect aspects of feminity. They could have at least made him a bit more *** of a man. All that said, I guess there was some compelling force which drove her to become a him. I think its messing with nature but hey its not my body so all I can say is best of luck. Another case of celebrity boredome gone hay-wire

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