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Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'fat shame' pants

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Oh dear, Jennifer Love Hewitt - what on earth are you wearing?

The curvaceous star was snapped on Monday on the set of her hit TV show Ghost Whisperer wearing a very odd skirt-and-pants combo.

We have no idea what her stylist was thinking, but these pants are definitely a faux-pas! Jen's naturally hot curves are completely swamped with fabric.

Jennifer's skirty faux pas on the set of Ghost Whisperer on Monday (Images: Snapper Media)

We hope this new style statement is not a reaction to Jen's recent troubles with the paparazzi. Last November, she was snapped on the beach with fiance Ross McCall in a swimsuit, and was criticized by bloggers for being 'overweight', despite having a totally healthy-looking body.

The beach holiday pics that caused a stir for Jennifer in November (Images: Snapper Media)

The comments caused such controversy that Jen felt obliged to make a statement: "I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized... What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams, instead of having to deal with photographers taking invasive pictures from bad angles."

Word! Now hurry up and sack your stylist!

User comments
i think it is so annoying people who think u have to be skinny to b healthy its so not true.shes not fat either actresses and models these days are way to skinny and i think its setting a bad example for young girls these days they think the are only beautiful if they are extremely skinny its not good. she is a good actress and i can't believe how brave that makes her walk out of the house in a bikini when she knows the whole world is watching her. i also don't think its far that people can follow celebs around all day waiting for them to do something wrong. yes they did choose to act but if they hadn't what would we honestly do we would have no t.v and they are only doing what they love so i say good on them for following there dreams. and they should be constintly watched for that!
wat do u mean healthy shes fat
She is an amazing actress, She is a normal weight, I mean shes right woman's bodies are constantly under attack come on the male actors arnt. I love Ghost Whisperer xx
If she didn't want to be judged by her outward appearance, criticised as being talentless, and rumored to be gay, she shouldn't have tried to express herself creatively.
i reckon she looks waayy prettyer and has a awsome body its way better than paris hilton or any of those other stick thin celebs. to tell the truth i hope i look like her at her age!!
Now this is a lady- being herself- enjoy life and not a care in the world.- She is absolute beautiful, gorgeous, and a real woman!!!!!! U Go Girl- show them what a real woman is made of!!!!
Finally, a real woman. That is the kind of person I would love my children to admire. She is gorgeous, and curvy and at least she is not just another hollywood sheep following ridiculous diets and fitness routines to try and be a size zero! I say we woman should be proud of our bodies.You ask around, most men will tell you they prefer curvy bods over skin and bone any DAY!!!!
It is good to see Jennifir does not aspire to be a hollywood stick insect,those woman are just pathetic.Nothing wrong with been in shape through general fittness or been confident with yourself no matter what your weight..Another Jennifir showed the way(J LO) NOW THE SKELETAL TYPE ACTRESSES ARE LINING UP to have thier butts made to look bigger.This is just my view but if magazines did not dress 12 yr old girls up like woman in their ads maybe more woman would be comfortable with the way look naturaly
Jennifer has come a long way when she was on party of five and she sang her song now that she has grown up to be a beatiful young actress that has curves and knows when to strut her stuff. Never mind the paparazzi they need to open there eyes coz thats ALL WOMEN! jen I wish I had a body like yours strut my curves, coz curves gets us women in to the papers.
Pisces women are the most lovely mysterious women ,shes gorgeous no matter what and just because shes happy and not a waif living on lettuce who give syou the right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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