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14-year-old Kardashian sister in 'bottomless' shot scandal

Her big sister Kim Kardashian rose to fame thanks to a sex tape, so it's slightly worrying that 14-year-old Kendall Jenner's modelling career has kicked off with a set of photos already deemed inappropriate for a girl of her age.

The sultry swimsuit shots don't look much racier than what you'd see in many a teen magazine these days, but celeb blog Celebitchy point out that "in one shot Kendall poses in a tiny bikini with her legs up, giving the illusion that she’s not wearing anything on the bottom. It’s just way too provocative and sexy for such a young girl."

Proud sister Kim tweeted the photo shoot, saying the photos "turned out sooo gorgeous! I am so proud of Kendall. She’s going to take over the modeling world… you just watch!"

Beachy: A few more of the pictures from Kendall Jenner's photo shoot

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User comments
Hey if u had the opportunity at 14 to do something u really wanted & had the parents, family & money to do it, ya would. Modelling has been taking girls as young as 13 years old for decades promoting fashion, weather it be high class editorials, catwalks or catelogues. Times have changed nothing except the fashion. She's a lovely young teenage girl that just happens to have the pins every woman dreams of having, a great tan & the long hair to boot. Go to any happening beach here or in Oz & there are girls that look like her everywhere & yes, they are 13yrs and up. My daughter is 11, has legs for Africa, the long hair & she's just gorgeous. We keep an eye on what she wears but that won't last. Bruce Jenner & Kris Kardashian do a fine job raising that tribe of kids in an environment that is fierce & focused on material possessions & of course looks. If their kids were ugly people wouldn't bat an eye at the advertisements but then they would say how the hell did that ugly B* get on tv!
*** I don't see what is wrong with this? You can see she has a bikini on. As usual, the media is over exaggerating.
So it seems to me that this family needs to do anything to stay in the spotlight its what they are all good at right taking their clothes off wearing minimal clothes then trying to persuade everyone its ohk it was never meant to get out . If the whole sex tape scandal never came out would we even know who these people are ? Probably not and the fact remains they are desperate for the spotlight still whether they deserve it or not . Theres a difference between being a celebrity and reality tv wh*res the Kardashians fall into the latter.
Disgusting, she is only 14 years old and she looks like 25 year old. She should be enjoying her teen years. Kardashians are all ***. Can't stand any of them
tweeting a gyno shot of your little sis, is pretty standard for an elder sister who sells her own sex tapes. they're self declared exhibitionists so either look at it or better still look after your own better.
are yous that dumb you can see the bow off the bottom of here swim suit are people really geting that dumb and i watch there shows and i don't think they would want child porn on the record and the last time that all most happened the FBI was stopping it shame and that smile is telling you wrong haha
This is the lame Kardashians, the biggest media *** known to man kind, this is the sad World we live in now, talentless people, unworthy of fame, brainwashing the kids, look at Taylor Momsen, a 16 year old girl that insists on wearing just a shirt and her underwear at her concerts, what are her young fans supposed top be think?, the thing that annoys me the most is that Taylor and Miley Cyrus are puppets, but they obviously have no minds of their own and that is really sad, using their bodies to sell horrible records. Things need to change, because this is not right and I honestly feel that this is a form of child porn, young girls have been getting sexualized at a very early age, what is wrong with some people honestly. Why is Billy Ray Cyrus not saying enough, why are the Momsen's letting their daughter crawl around on a table in a short skirt in front of old man in her latest pathetic video and why doesn't Mrs Kardashian do something about this? It is just sickening.
She is only fourteen, she shouldn't be doing this until she is eighteen as least. I mean everyone in the world is going to see her ***. Its not the right age to start her modeling career.
Kendall looks like the young Chloe.She's pretty and she will make a good model.I watched the kardasians reality show and Kendall you have a cheeky attitude and I mean from young age.

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