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Good girl gone bad: What happened to Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus
Once a cute Disney star with a famous dad, now a sexually charged 20-year-old, Miley Cyrus has completely transformed herself in a few short years.

From racism accusations to inappropriate lapdances, wild performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and even more inappropriate clothing, Miley has gone the way of Amanda Bynes — and it could get worse.

Click the button below to see Miley's journey from Disney to deviant in pictures:

User comments
I don't know what is wrong with Miley and how come her parents are allowing her to do so? Its just signs of horrible parents. Do they even know whats wrong? Miley just ruined her and her families lives. She changed a lot. She was my fav but I think I should change my mind.
what happened to miley cyrus I miss the old her she use to be my role model but now I just don't know what happened miley please come back
Miley has her own life. She's young, & she wants to get out of the persona that Disney created for her. Seriously, all I these people saying, " the old miley". Miley was NEVER Hannah Montanna. That I a fictional character. At least she's being who she is.
''...and it could get worse.'' yeah I kind of really miss the time when there was a little bit of controversy but nothing crazy. I think the fact that she's not with Liam anymore really made her the... wh*re she is today. I don't even feel like I'm talking of the same person. Oh Miley, we miss you...
Ahh..I remember 2005, like it was just yesterday...always asking mommy turn to hannah montanan....and look now im only 13....nd wow has she changed....i dont blame her for wanting to be different...i mean, we all are different, but i think she went a little over rated at this point and alot of her fans back then looked up to her..like seriously miley....honestly i dont kno much but i know a few things....people looked up to her, the way you sang how pretty yu were etc, well, alot of kid lost faith in her cuase of her change taking nude pics..LAPDANCING to a guy whos in his late 40's what is she like 20 21....gahhh he's 24 years older then her......half the age..a lot of people say age is just a number but theres a passing line to the age....like that me going out with a 18 20 year old...sick kind..yeah shes a grown women...but i have my opinion nd so dose everyone else ...so imma leave it at that....
She is *** up now, even if u grow up, u grow up responsibly she has grown up which is true but in that way? I don't think that's good its too much The little children that used to watch her and take her as their role model what will they do now?
Thete was once an episode in hannah montana when miley decided to change because she thought shes gettin borin to her fans Thats d case Old hannah is d BEST!!!!!!
Miley I have been a huge fan but i lost interest because you changed i watched all of your TV shows I was 7 when watched your TV shows I'm heart broken because you changed I've looked up to you well if your reading this miley I hope you'll change back to the way you were thanks for listening thank and bye Jocelyn Ortiz
what happened to you I don't even recunize u .such a pretty and talented girl gone bad win I found out that was you I cude not belive it .lil kids used to admir you and look up at you but now you just scar them I hope selina dosent change like you did
hi i used to be a fan but all the sudden miley cyrus changed and I don't like it I know people change but I don't like the way she changed some peps change clothes styel but not frum cute to *** or they get a hair cut but not from cute fun girl to boy . miley miley what happened to you. lil kids used to look up to you but know you just scare them .

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