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Pong! Lady Gaga's perfume to smell like blood and semen

Lady Gaga (Image: Snapper)
Image: Snapper Media
Celebrity scents are all the rage in Hollywood, but there's only one star whose posh perfume will whiff of blood and semen.

That's right, blood and semen.

Lady Gaga is rumoured to have signed a deal with fragrance company Coty Inc. to create her own signature scent. And style blog Fashionista is now reporting that she's requested the perfume "smell of blood and semen".

Gaga was likely inspired by fashion designer Rad Hourani, who recently listed semen as the inspiration for one of his six new scents.

Gaga's perfume is expected to hit the shelves in 2012. ...Along with the end of the world and all that.

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What you said:
gagawhatwhatwhat in grenada said:
are you wearing...Hotel Matress?
User comments
i love her music (have it!) but seriously ***? is this a sick joke? or is she 1 shaved hair incident away from a psychiatric institution?
Awesome -- Lady Gaga's fragrance is set to smell like Metallica's "Load" album.
are you wearing...Hotel Matress?
I don't believe this for a second. BLOOD AND ***!?!?! That's pretty sick. It sounds reasonable that Lady gaga would do this though I don't see it being a huge success IF it is true.
... i never thought you could even make something that smells like that??? what DOES blood and *** smell like anyways?
I enjoy individuality but smell of blood and ***, thats just damn nastyyy...not the one even on halloween. May as well wear old never washed socks round your neck and the only males you'll attract would be Louies(the fly),family and friends LMFAO!
I absolutely LOVE Lady Gaga. Shes is sooo creative and out there. I couldn't wait for her to create a fragrance. But i HATE blood, it makes me faint or vomit. And as for ***... Im only thirteen for crying out loud. Hahahaha i love Lady Gaga

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