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Mag claims Brangelina twins have Down Syndrome

Star Magazine: Down Syndrome drama
Image: Star Magazine
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie usually can't be bothered suing tabloid mags that publish absurd rumours about their family (eg. Shiloh is a "cross-dresser"), but this one could be worth a call to the lawyers.

The cover of this week's Star magazine pretty much declares that the couple's 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne have Down Syndrome.

And this isn't the first time a tabloid has made the claim. Star's story is basically a resurrection of a similar article published by the National Enquirer last year.

The proof? A couple of grainy shots of the kids looking spaced out, and a quote from a nanny about how they take "longer to grasp things".

Vivienne and Knox looked happy and healthy with Angelina in Venice last year.

<a href="http://video.nz.msn.com/?mkt=en-nz&vid=13b5ca8d-7124-47d1-b7ac-1adbf31cd55a&from=en-nz&fg=dest" target="_new" title="Angelina gets some QT with her cutie&#39;s">Video: Angelina gets some QT with her cutie&#39;s</a>

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User comments
I agree with Pathetic, this is really shameful and extremely disrespectful. Given how honest and extremely open Angelina has been about many things in her life, I am confident that if her children were born with Down Syndrome, she would be the first person to say they were in addition to donating money towards research. I don't believe Angelina would hide anything! really sad attempt to get readers.
To make money this way is a sad sad way to play on peoples minds , My boy has DS and he is the coolest dude , smart ,and this year he is going to Special Olympics to swim , his passion. I hope this mag rots in hell. These kids are awesome.
I have a brother with Down Syndrome and I can honestly say those children do not have Down Syndrome nor do they look like they are. The media is so insensitive and need to start stating facts instead of making up pathetic stories such as this which is disrespectful to people who do have Down Syndrome. Sue their *** Brad & Angelina, you'll be doing us all a favour!

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