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Rosie O'Donnell angry Oprah was airbrushed thinner than her on O Magazine

Rosie O'Donnell furious that Oprah was photoshopped thinner than her on the cover of O Magazine
Beauty and the...circus clown? The cover that started it all.
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Rosie O'Donnell should have known that she'd never be allowed to look skinnier than Oprah. Ever.

That would just be blasphemous.

Rosie and Oprah appeared on the front of O magazine's September issue, with the mighty queen of TV looking thin and glamorous as ever in an evening dress while Rosie looked dorky and crap and chubby in combat boots and a stage curtain for a skirt.

And now Rosie, who's got a new talk show on Oprah's TV station, is all peeved off about it.

A source told The Enquirer that the Emmy winner thinks she was used as a prop to make her new boss look skinny, and that Oprah received the photoshop treatment while Rosie missed out.

"Rosie is upset because she worked hard to make herself look good and get back into shape for The Rosie Show, and this cover just makes her look terrible – especially standing next to Oprah, who is clearly slimmed down through the miracle computer technology."

Apparently what makes Rosie even angrier is that in real life, Oprah is heavier – by more than 10 kilograms, according to the source.

Bring on the fat wars!

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User comments
Rosie O'Donnell needs to get over herself. She is making a big fuss over that fact that someone is skinner and better looking then her. Well Rosie, I gotta say it must happen alot. Don't make a fuss about being fat and ugly, it's too bad that you are but you need to get over it.
This issue deserves to haunt Oprah for a long time - it blatantly goes against her supposedly honest and good-natured values that she has been cashing in on. The name became a brand that people were urged to believe in, a name that gave to charities and somehow had connotations with truth. She spoke openly about her diet experiences and weight-struggles, presenting a very honest human personality. Manipulation like this may very well be common for celebrities but in her case it is appalling and pathetic. A glutton gets what they deserve - no less. Good job at lying to your fans, lady. Shame and disgust.
Sorry, but get over it Rosie....you look good, not fab, but good....ummm, who put those combat boots on?....yeah, you did,....who wore fishnet stockings and showed off the legs.....yep, you did....so you only got yourself to blame if you don't like what you see...your face looks lovely and the hair great so be grateful of your assets and if you haven't been photoshopped then all I have to say is this - you need no extra help to look good so pat yourself on the back and be proud and happy that you are working for the "Queen" of talkshows because there are a thousand plus people that would put on those ugly combats boots and attire in a heartbeat for the opportunity to be photographed with her, let alone work for her! I can't wait to see you on the telly here in this country again so be kind to yourself and relish the attention!

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