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Katie Holmes still carrying Suri at almost 6-year-old

Katie Holmes <i>still</i> carrying Suri at almost 6-year-old

This is no laughing matter anymore. Suri Cruise seriously needs to get out of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's arms!

And if not for the reason that she's going to grow up the most demanding, spoilt kid ever, then for the mere fact that little person legs are made to be used!

Suri is only two months shy of six years old and still she's being carried around like a rag doll by her doting mum and dad.

This pic of the little queen was taken yesterday in New York, and after all this time, we've gotta ask: when is enough simply enough?

Tell us what you think: is the whole Suri being spoilt thing still funny and cute? Or are you over the princess play?

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User comments
I can kind of see that carrying her might be a good idea with the consideration of the paparazzi, however I think that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have her use her legs more often as it's probably unadvised from a physical stand point to let her be too dependent on being carried. She will eventually get to an age where she is too big to be carried, and if she is too used to being carried she will find longer distance walking, like for days out difficult. Also carrying another human around is hard work! The heavier Suri gets the greater the risk her weight has of causing injury (most likely in the back or legs) to her parents, no matter how in shape they are.
Suri is not too big to be carried! She is only 5 and they make toddler clothes up to toddler 5 years. Yes, I was at Babygap the other day, and there were these clothes and the size tag said toddler 5 years. Not just 5t!!! It said 5 YEARS. So therefore Suri is probably still a toddler, and I consider her that. And I don't think a toddler is too big to be carried.
I am honestly terrified of what this child will grow up to be. ...Oh wait, she won't grow up at all...
This is stupid, of course a 6 year old would want to be comforted in that way. Imagine a tired child having a large group of photographers right in her face taking photos any child is going to want the comfort of their mothers arms.
There are so many paparazzi that follow them around it is probably safer to carry her.
Is it truly that much of an issue? This child being carried around by her parents is not causing her irepairable issues. Also, the circumstances are different, her mother and father are high profile celebrities, who knows what loon would want to kidnap her, if that was my child and I was a celebrity I would be too scared to put her down in public too.
You obviously have not been out with a six year old let alone one in heels! The speed they go at combined with all the paps around them its not wonder they carry her
tbh i would carry my daughter if i had to go out with paparazzi everywhere
I think the issue is more the fact that it could actually be dangerous for Suri to walk with the Paparazzi issues that they have. I didn't carry any of my children past their 2nd birthdays, but I would carry my child in that extreme situation.
What does it matter? Its discusting how people judge just drop it. Suri is their child and you dont get to tell them how to do things

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