Katie Price granted divorce from Alex Reid
18:00 Thu Mar 22 2012
Katie Price has finally been granted a divorce from cage fighter Alex Reid
Sizzling celebrity twitter pics
15:00 Wed Mar 7 2012
Some celebrities sure love to get their photo taken when they are wearing barely any clothes and there’s no paparazzi around.
Summer festival roundup
15:00 Wed Feb 29 2012
Summer saw hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders rocking it in the sun to some of our favourite music festivals.
Christina Hendricks wants to design bikinis
14:00 Wed Feb 29 2012
We love it when Christina Hendricks talks straight about her curves…
Rihanna on Gaga's whacky style:
14:00 Wed Feb 29 2012
Rihanna has made the call: she'll never aspire to dress like Lady Gaga but gives her props for her daring fashion choices.
Did Natalie Portman get secretly married?
12:00 Wed Feb 29 2012
It's a tough call, but Natalie Portman appears to have a new ring on her finger.
Selena Gomez gets her first tattoo
19:00 Tue Feb 28 2012
Following in the footsteps of her tatted-up boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez just got her first tattoo!
Kim Kardashian's mid-divorce escape
02:00 Mon Feb 27 2012
Damn! Kim Kardashian is sure doing her thang! The 31-year-old sported a sexy black bikini in Miami Friday where she escaped to relax in front of Grecian architectured hotel.
Radioactive celebrity fake tans!
02:00 Sun Feb 26 2012
We're all for sun safety - but some people take the fake bake thing way too far!
Katie Price's Miami bikini getaway!
16:00 Wed Feb 22 2012
Katie Price is newly single and ready to mingle - so why not escape the freezing UK for a stint in sunny Miami?
Stars that need to cool off
16:00 Mon Feb 13 2012
Wether they're pissed off from getting photographed by the paparazzi all day, woke up on the wrong side of the bed or simply had too much to drink celebrities have dummy spits bad days too.

11:00 Mon Feb 13 2012
Adele isn't gonna let some fashion dude tell her her body's not good enough!
Celebs that love festivals
15:00 Mon Feb 6 2012
Whether they’re there to enjoy the company of friends, soak up the sun and have a great time or clearly there to be noticed music festivals bring out all genres of celebrities.
Victoria's Secret's babe shows off her beachy baby bump!
13:00 Wed Feb 1 2012
Stunning Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is glorious to look at any day of the week - but check out her amazing pregnant glow at the beach!
PDA Alert! Can you guess the celebrity kiss?
15:00 Mon Jan 30 2012
While many Hollywood couples try to keep their romance under wraps, some A-listers can't help but commit some serious PDA.
Selena Gomez tweets hot bikini pic!
13:00 Mon Jan 30 2012
Stunning Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is glorious to look at any day of the week - but check out her amazing pregnant glow at the beach!
Keeping a healthy headspace in 2012
14:00 Mon Jan 23 2012
With mental health being the number one health issue targetting young people, with the help of headspace we've put together our 21 tips and tricks for getting a healthy headspace now and forever!
Rihanna tweets more sexy bikini pics from Hawaiian holiday
13:00 Mon Jan 23 2012
The spunky singer is on yet another beach-side vacation and she wants to make sure we're all well informed on just how many bikinis she packed.
Hit or miss? Rihanna's racy swimsuit
18:00 Thu Jan 19 2012
Sun-loving Rihanna stepped out in yet another amazing cossie this week during her latest vacation on board a luxury yacht in Hawaii.
Hulk Hogan's shaving off his moustache
12:00 Wed Jan 18 2012
In news to dwarf 2012 doomsday predictions, Hulk Hogan has announced he will shave off his iconic moustache
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